Through Hole Technology and PCB Assembly Services

Through Hole Technology and PCB Assembly Services

Janco Electronics is proud to continue a 40-year tradition of offering high-quality through hole PCB assembly, PCB mount services, and electromechanical assembly services.

Through-Hole Mounting (THM) Solutions

The process of through hole soldering is more of an art form than a science. It requires patience and persistence and a careful attention to detail to ensure proper soldering of through-hole component leads to PCB. Our experienced soldering technicians are continuously certified to the IPC-A-610 and J-STD-001 specs in order to maintain a high level of quality throughout our through hole assembly process.

Through Hole vs Surface Mount

Over the past 30 years, there has been an industry-wide shift in the direction of surface-mount technology. A lot of the shift can be attributed to economics. SMT components are smaller and generally less expensive. Despite these economic advantages, SMT solder joints are less reliable as a number of defects can arise during the manufacturing process such as cracking, voids, solder balls, etc. For this reason, through-hole technology still has its use cases. 

At higher volumes, automated through-hole pcb assembly can be done using axial, radial, or DIP insertion equipment. After components are placed in the corresponding through holes, final soldering can commence by either hand or further automation. Large batches of repetitive through hole soldering can be performed by automated wave solder or selective solder.

Through Hole Technology Advantages

Through-hole assembly provides a superior mechanical fastening of component to PCB and a highly reliable electrical connection for the given application. It is still common to see through hole technology in aerospace and military applications where extreme temperatures or force may be present. Larger connectors or capacitors are properly secured to the PCB as PTH components in these conditions.

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