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Electronic Medical Device Manufacturer

Janco Electronics is an ISO 13485:2016 certified FDA registered electronic medical device manufacturer of Class II & Class III devices. We have a proven track record of delivering quality products on-time while adhering to industry regulations.

Electronic Medical Device Manufacturers

How We Can Help You

As leading electronic medical equipment manufacturers, we specialize in medical PCB assembly and electromechanical box build systems integration. We can provide you with full turnkey assembly, functional test services, and a wide-range of electronic device manufacturing capabilities in house.

Our Expertise Is Your Asset

Over 60 years of medical electronics manufacturing knowledge and expertise.

Examples of Medical Electronics Manufacturing

  • Arthroscopy and orthopedic surgery support systems
  • Battery-powered devices and battery charging
  • Cryotherapy devices
  • Dermatology systems
  • Diagnostic carts
  • Doppler ultrasound devices
  • Electronic tissue ablation devices (RF)
  • Electrosurgical systems
  • Endoscopic light sources (xenon, metal halide, fiber optic, UV)
  • Endoscopy devices
  • Fluid management/fluid monitoring systems
  • Hydrothermal ablation systems
  • Laparoscopic/hysteroscopic insufflators
  • Neurological diagnostic devices
  • Tissue ablation devices (RF, Cryo)
  • Vision testing systems
  • Wireless systems data transfer and integration (WiFi/Bluetooth)
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