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Janco Process Controls

JEI Global offers a personalized level of communication between our organization, suppliers, and customers to effectively customize the purchasing and supply chain system with solutions customized to individual customer requirements. With Janco process controls, customers benefit from the early involvement of suppliers through the automated quotation review process to the end-of-life management cycle.

Materials Requirements Planning

From the initial purchase order through the final shipment, materials planning is one of the most closely managed processes within JEI. With our synchronized supply chain systems, we provide world-class visibility, flexibility and response times allowing customers to respond effectively to global changes in supply and demand conditions.


Our Materials Team maintains a strong partnership with each end customer and its suppliers to support the product life cycle. Beginning with a rapid response to New Product Introductions, to the continuous production challenges with manufacturers end-of-life and part change notices. All learn together from each step of the production process how to create an effective solution to each component sourcing requirement.

Supply Chain Partnerships

JEI understands that long-term partnerships with the supply base bring mutual benefit to our customers. Maintaining an open communication process with the supply network allows for a proactive approach to inventory management with changes to supply and demand.

Counterfeit Component Mitigation Control Plan

JEI’s membership to both GIDEP and ERAI, known industry leaders in counterfeit component risk mitigation, provides support and increasing awareness of counterfeit electronic parts entering the aerospace and medical supply chain, posing significant performance, reliability, and safety risks. JEI maintains best practices to procure components with approved suppliers that provide inspection, test/evaluation, and component traceability.

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